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Know Your Legislators

Get to know your elected officials and make sure you are registered to vote!  Having an engaged and active membership is crucial to our future success in fighting to keep the few benefits we have left and to regain ground in the areas where we have lost ground in the recent past.  The Kentucky State Lodge needs everyone to reach out and get to know your State Representative and State Senator is so that they will know that we, as the FOP, will hold them accountable when it comes to our issues.

To find out who your legislators are click here:
If you have moved or haven’t voted in a while, you may no longer be registered to vote.  If you aren’t registered to vote, the sad truth is your legislator probably doesn’t care about your opinion.  Many of them actually check your status after you contact them.
To find out if you are registered to vote click here:
You can register or re-register at your local County Clerk’s office or click here for instructions: