Brothers and Sisters,

First and foremost, thank you for your dedicated service as a current or former law enforcement officer and thank you for being a member of the largest and greatest organization representing law enforcement officers in the United States. My name is Dave Mutchler and I currently serve as the Kentucky National Trustee. I am very tuned in to the challenges currently facing our membership across the nation and believe that strong leadership is crucial to the future success of the FOP. This is why I am proud to announce that it is my intention, with your vote and support, to serve as your next National FOP Secretary.

I have attended every national board meeting since 2010 and have served as the Kentucky National Trustee since 2014. I have also attended every legal defense plan board meeting since 2010 and currently sit on the board of directors, where I serve as secretary. In 2010 I was elected as the President of my local lodge in Louisville, KY and served in that role for eight years. Lodge #614 is a large, full service, metropolitan lodge with approximately 2,400 members. Serving as President gave me opportunities to lead our lodge in labor representation issues, collective bargaining and legislative work. Additionally, in my four terms as President, I became intimately familiar with the administrative and communication duties associated with a large lodge. Wishing to concentrate my efforts at the national level, I did not seek re-election, and, in May of 2018, I retired from the Louisville Metro Police Department.

As you may know, Louisville is just a short 2 ½ hour drive from our national headquarters. While it is important to know that this will allow me to efficiently and effectively perform the duties of National Secretary, it should be just as important to you that I am a proven and battle tested leader. In my roles as President and National Trustee, I have been very outspoken and unwavering when supporting and representing my local members and the 10,000 FOP members Kentucky represents. I am also a proud Marine Corps combat veteran who served as the commander of a Quick Response Force in the Anbar Province of Iraq. This proven leadership and experience gives me the ability to represent and safeguard the membership even during the most volatile situations and circumstances.

In closing, I pledge to lead from the front. To stand together with ALL of our nearly 350,000 members.  There are no sides – we must stand united. I confidently and humbly ask for your vote and support as I endeavor to be your next National Fraternal Order of Police Secretary.


Dave Mutchler



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