Kentucky FOP Fundraising Effort


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Low Price Locator has just announced that they have teamed up with all of the web travel sites. We all use them. Expedia, Orbitz, Hotwire, Travelocity. And virtually ALL of the sites that you would use to book travel or vacations!

As we have stressed before, this is as great fundraising venture for the KY State FOP and absolutely NO extra effort on our part.

We have a GIFT for you!
Tremendous Discounts When Purchasing Online

The Kentucky FOP is excited to announce a new fundraising effort that will save you money and put money back into the FOP just by simply shopping online as many of us do every day!

We have a website tailored specifically for the Kentucky State FOP.
By logging into from there you can simply go to your favorite online shopping site where you shop every day and get even more extended savings!
After you log into the website you may go to your favorite shopping website, including Amazon, Lowes, Macys, Toys R Us and over 75,000 more!
If you don’t see your favorite shopping site, simply go to the search bar and just type in your shopping site or store.
When you logon to this website and purchase something online, two things happen –
• You can locate and compare prices on over one billion products
from tens of thousands of stores – and save money on your purchases.
• At the same time, you are supporting the State FOP financially without costing you a penny. For every dollar you spend, 1% goes directly back to the Kentucky State Fraternal Order of Police.

Once you log into the sight for the first time from your home or laptop computer, the address in the search bar will automatically be remembered by your computer and take you to the site tailored for the Ky FOP. To verify that you are on our site, just scroll down to the bottom of the front page and look for the FOP logo at the bottom right hand corner.

Share this gift with your family, friends, neighbors, social/business connections – so they can enjoy the values and savings too. Tell each of these people to share this gift with everyone they know.
To shop and save , click on this link , ,
support your state FOP and start saving today!

If you have any questions at all about this or need more information feel free to email me anytime at
Happy shopping!

Mike Sweeney, Vice President