KY FOP Response to PFM Report

The blatant violations of the inviolable contract for tiers 1 and 2 and and the absolute disregard for appropriate compensation for new hires is unacceptable.

It is unfortunate that the PFM Group has made such recommendations that will serve to make the job of our legislature that much more difficult. Instead of solutions that truly keep promises and address the true root of the problem, underfunding and mismanagement, they have offered scenarios where elderly retirees would have their fixed pension income cut and for current officers forced to face the physical dangers of this job into their 60’s, many of them with a meager 401k to sustain them till death.

We ask our elected leaders to show us they are committed to keeping promises, all of the promises. There is no compromise when it comes to keeping your word. We show our good faith by showing up to work and doing our job with honor and dignity. We ask the legislature to show their good faith by putting in the hard work to find a real solution that sustains and preserves our hard earned benefits. The KY state FOP looks forward to any opportunity we may have to help this process move forward towards our shared goal of having a sustainable and viable system that provides a secure retirement for our officers that is commensurate with the rigors and dangers of our profession.

Berl Perdue Jr.
KY State FOP