Senate Bill 6 (Right to Work) Information

cropped-foplogo.pngUpon advice of State Lodge Legal Counsel President Perdue is advising the following:

Due to the passing of SB 6, the KY Senate’s version of Right to Work Law ALL Local Lodge’s need to forward as soon as possible their latest form 990 to the State Lodge website where it will be posted for all FOP members to view if they so desire. This is the easiest and fastest way for all of our lodges to be in compliance with this new law that is NOW in effect. If this is not done then we/they are in direct violation. This information may also be posted on the Local Lodge’s website.
This is not the State Lodge’s idea. This is the new law.
ALSO: Any Lodge that does payroll deduction for dues MUST have that member sign in writing that they give permission for the payroll deduction.

Again, the posting of the Form 990 is on the advice State Lodge General Council Steve Wolnitzek after his comprehensive review of the issue.

This information can be forwarded to the website or to State Secretary Denis Spalding at: and he will direct it to our web master.