Kentucky State FOP Committees

Kentucky State FOP Committees – Updated 2-17-2020

Constitution & Bylaws

David Burks – Chair
Quentin Stone
Henry Gould
David Herman
Danny Gentry
Ron Rice
Michael Harris


Denis Spalding – Chair
Bruce Farmer
Phyllis Bowling
Tim Renfroe

Critical Incident

Tim Davis – Chair
Aaron Schihl
Ashlen Tate
Nick Heiert
Billy Allen


Denis Spalding – Chair
Lee Murray
Bruce Farmer


Lee Murray – Chair
Mike Sweeney
Daryl Blevins
Thomas Blackwell
Brenden Mills

Governmental Affairs/Legislative

Drew Fox – Chair
Brandon Muravchick

Brad Hawkins
Cam Chenault
Leah Schweitzer
Tony Jansen
Shawn Helbig
Bryan Bogard
Jonathan Maulder
Kyle Burton
Daniel Gilbert
Paule Buta
Ryan Straw


Hal Spaw – Chair
Robert McCray
Steve Parker
Don English
Chuck Massarone
Tommy Cooper
Charlie Bell

Knight Beat

Patsy Meyer – Chair
Bruce Farmer
Steve White

Labor Services

Robert McCray – Chair
Kyle Burton

Legal Aid

Russell McElroy – Chair
Clifford Frederick
Stephen Foster
Roy Compton

Member of the Year/Leadership

Don Brashear – Chair
Gary Carey
Kevin Winebrenner

Bob Purdy


Ryan Straw – Chair
Glenda Lehmann
Kim McElroy
Jeff Harris
Mary Jane Ryan
Charles Blaine
Scott Reckers
Jeff Hollon


Drew Fox – Chair
Carol Mason
Debbie Marasa
Dwayne White
Jeff Price
Daniel Gilbert
Ryan Straw

PAC Committee

Bryan Bogard – Chair
Joes Hess
Brandon Lincoln
Tim Pike
Loren Yonts
Nick Angelini


Jerry Powell – Chair

Police Unity Tour

Bryan Bogard – Chair
Larry Long

Public Relations

Leslie Watson – Chair
Toni Leitch

Torch Run / Special Olympics

Janea Hale- Chair
Rick Moore
Patsy Myer

Ways & Means

Brad Woolridge – Chair
Nick Angelini
Clifford Frederick

Website Committee

Christie Jones – Chair
Spike Jones
Drew Fox
Jeff Price

To support and defend the Constitution of the United States; to inculcate loyalty and allegiance to the United States of America; to promote and foster the enforcement of law and order; to improve the individual and collective proficiency of our members in the performance of their duties;