The Kentucky State FOP Issued Endorsements in the following races:

President of the United States: Donald J. Trump

US Senate Race:
Mitch McConnell

US Congressional Races:
James Comer – District 1
Brett Guthrie – District 2
Thomas Massie – District 4
Hal Rogers – District 5
Andy Barr – District 6

Kentucky General Assembly:
Damon Thayer – Senate District 17
Phillip Wheeler – Senate District 31
Chris McDaniel – Senate District 23

Lynn Bechler – Representative District 4
Walker Thomas – Representative District 8
Myron Dossett – Representative District 9

Ken Fleming – Representative District 48
Kim Banta – Representative District 63
Kim Moser – Representative District 64
Ed Massey – Representative District 66
Adam Koenig – Representative District 69
John Blanton – Representative District 92

Kentucky Court of Appeals:
Hon. Jenny Hines – 1st District

Kentucky Supreme Court:
Robert Conley

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